Dear Visitors and Fans,

I won't bore you with the standard set phrases about a vita that doesn't interests anybody but, as usual, it has to be said. Why do I own this webpage and who is The Starrygrapher?

Ok, I`m a 1980 born guy with some crazy stuff in his head, sometimes to crazy but in my opinion this is exactly what you need for that kind of a hobby. And in combination with a lot of experience and the terrible amazing gear we are offered to use in our time I decided to take you with me on my trips, often high up to the most beautiful summits available, to let you be part of my work and passion. 

Is there anything better than standing on a 9000 feet Mountain looking up to the milky way? Are there better thrills than planing a night shooting while hanging 200 feet above the ground in a vertical Via Ferrata? No? You are absolutely right. You see, I am crazy as I said. 

I'm now looking very forward to have you as a new follower on my channels and please let me know if there are further questions or anything else.

Florian Krammel



                   "Who stops becoming better, stopped being good!"


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